Saturday, June 30, 2012


Early this year, in February, the Burien Little Theatre put on the show to end all---well, we're heading for the 32nd season or something, but this was definitely a big deal of a show. The Who's TOMMY was AMAZING.

They built the stage out 30 feet, and we painted it to look like the Bally "Pinball Wizard" game. As I was painting I realized I probably could have simplified it a little, but it was too late by then and there was only to finish. 

 Many people helped, without whom it would not have been done: Maggie, Eric, the Kays, sweet Janette Nuss, and my brother and second cousin Sarah among them.

The play itself was a rousing saga of trauma, repression, and rebirth, and with a cast of professionals and fantastic singers, the soaring rock anthems stirred my very soul. All of them were uniformly congenial and warm, and I hope to have them back very soon.  

Please read on to see ALL THE PICTURES.

Outlines and grid.

The director, Steve, helping out.

Almost done!


The dual personalities of Gypsy the Acid Queen.

After the lettering, Nathan Rodda, scenic designer for the Gilbert and Sullivan society of Seattle, worked his magic splattering the set. Splattering adds depth and mutes the colors slightly, making it look more dimensional and providing visual room for the actors to stand out. It looked soo good afterwards.

The easiest part was all the little white shiny marks on the rounded tube shapes.

The band rocked it hardcore, they did a fabulous job.

As always, I had the most fun with the lettering.

I stayed up all night to finish this in time to splatter it, and it came out pretty awesome, so obviously I'm proud of it and wanted to share ALL THE PICTURES. Again, this play was the most EPIC we've put on yet, and came off artistically solid in all respects. I remain very proud to have been part of it, and to be a part of such a scrappy little community. I <3 BLT!

There were some awesome promotional photos taken of the performers by Mike Wilson, who designed the lovely poster.

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