Saturday, June 30, 2012


Early this year, in February, the Burien Little Theatre put on the show to end all---well, we're heading for the 32nd season or something, but this was definitely a big deal of a show. The Who's TOMMY was AMAZING.

They built the stage out 30 feet, and we painted it to look like the Bally "Pinball Wizard" game. As I was painting I realized I probably could have simplified it a little, but it was too late by then and there was only to finish. 

 Many people helped, without whom it would not have been done: Maggie, Eric, the Kays, sweet Janette Nuss, and my brother and second cousin Sarah among them.

The play itself was a rousing saga of trauma, repression, and rebirth, and with a cast of professionals and fantastic singers, the soaring rock anthems stirred my very soul. All of them were uniformly congenial and warm, and I hope to have them back very soon.  

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