Saturday, May 12, 2012

Racer Valentines 2011/ Lovesick at Fantagraphics

In 2011 The Bureau of Drawers had our annual Valentine's Day show at the Cafe Racer.
Here are the pieces I had in, and I apologize for the poor picture quality. in the year since I HAVE figured out the white balance settings on my camera.

"Things I Do Alone Anyway," Drawn in delayed response to a breakup.  If I make a book I'll replace the last panel with "use photobooths." I don't find any of these things sad to do alone, but sometimes people make fun of me, especially about the movies and restaurants. I saw a clip from a news broadcast from cable of a segment where they offered advice to lady travelers on how to manage eating alone in a restaurant. WTF ladies, eat your food and have a good time. My aunt says she's experienced similar things where a friend of her roommate laid into the roommate for allowing my aunt to go to the movies by herself. This is a holdover from the hundreds of years where women were chaperoned everywhere. I live in 21st century America. Gals gotta tolerate independence themselves or else how is anyone else supposed to?

"I <3 Tom Bergeron." Lettering with glitter. Tom Bergeron is my celebrity crush. He is just so laid-back, warm, and professional. Best Host Ever.

A little three-fer called "I Prefer Fluent Guys." It's the little things.

At almost precisely the same time last year, we had an art show at Fantagraphics, which was amazing. Due to the double-show we had a little mix-up and I had to put an older (I have a crush on very boy) piece in the Fantagraphics Show because my newest one had ended up at the Racer. Which was just as well.
Here is the only photo I can find of "Lovesick" By the Bureau of Drawers at Fantagraphics. It was quite a party. Photo by Bureaucrat Tyler Hill, used without permission, though I will ask him if it's ok.

 I am in the left bottom corner, talking to my friend Nick Kuffel.
Also pictured are Tom Dougherty, Mark Stockbridge, and unobscured art by Nikki Burch, Marc Palm, Adam Watson, and David Lasky.

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