Sunday, May 27, 2012

Halloween Show

Halloween show at the Cafe Racer, 2011!
I had all these certificate frames, so I made so spooky certificates.

The sad part about this one is that the car in question was stolen and stripped less than four months later. No refunds!

I'm rarely a shutterbug, but I did happen to catch a couple of shots of Bureaucrats hanging their art.Here is Captain Ed Trumbule adjusting what I believe to be Scott Faulkner's  halloween artwork, with minicomics maven Breanne Bolland supervising.

And panning to the left we see Breanne, Billis Helg and fellow Dutchman Tom Van Deusen, both of Intruder fame, flanked by the fabulous raconteur and artist Tom Dougherty.

I think this might have been the day I yelled at Tom, but I will chose to remember the party a rollicking success.

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