Sunday, May 27, 2012


Last year, was it? 2011? 2010? Well anyway, Cafe Racer, host to most Bureau of Drawers activities over the years, hosted an art show wherein participants were invited to pay homage to art pieces collected in the Racer's own "Official Bad Art Museum of Art" (
Inspired by what appears to be a grade-school history assignment in the O.B.A.M.A. room, I drew a portrait of Marco Polo.
      The water-soluable pastels I used gave the colors a "children's bible stories" vibe, so I framed it in gold. I thought it looked a bit like Jim Woodring in the nose area, but apparently it more closely resembled the lustrous beard of Ben, Cafe Racer's longtime bartender. Thusly it was purchased for him and now hangs in his bathroom, watching him pee. (His words, not mine.) It's very exciting to have someone enjoy something I did well enough to let it watch them do their private things. Maybe "exciting" isn't the best term...

Up at the Racer with a "Sold" sticker on.

Ben and Marco, best friends.

One afternoon I got to see it in his home! Thanks for the tour of your bathroom, Ben. Very cool. And very tidy! Man runs a tight ship!

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