Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wedding Announcement

Not mine! A lady's and her fellow's!
I don't do a lot of these, but I think this one came out all right. All the the things they like!

Sculpture concept art!

My friend Sarah Shay (of The Mongrel Jews musical fame) has a dad, as many do, and he wanted to get things done over in Bellevue, particularly where things pertain to refurbishing a nearly-forgotten WWI monument in the middle of a city park. So, he commissioned me to draw some concept art for his presentation to the city council, and here they are:

There's Mr. Shay now, indicating how tall the sculpture should be drawn.

A comprehensive shot of the proposed brick skirt.

A proposed enamel coating on the bronze sculpture.

And posterior views with an optional memorial wreath surrounding the flagpole remnant.

I am very proud to say that initial plans for Bob's project were approved at his presentation! A fine client and friend's dad.

Bakery beverages sign

Here's a sign I made aaages ago for the Danish Bakery right before they closed. I will make a post about the bakery soon enough.

I miss the bakery food so, so much. Oh god. Seven years will make you believe, baby. Oh, Marzipan, oh, walnuts. Oh, oh.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Short Run

In October last year, Bureaucrat Jenny Gialenes co-organized a small-press/zine/minicomics exposition called SHORT RUN. I represented the Bureau of Drawers at the table provided by Jenny, and let me tell you, that show was the single most lucrative, exhilarating trade show in all my seven or so years of tabling. The curation and marketing were pitch-perfect, and we were able to sell out of our last anthology, "Bloor." I cannot wait until the next one, and I hope this becomes a Seattle tradition.

This picture was stolen off of flickr, I do not remember who took it, but I will pay them if they own up, because I think I look like a badass in it and that's worth good money.

Halloween Show

Halloween show at the Cafe Racer, 2011!
I had all these certificate frames, so I made so spooky certificates.

The sad part about this one is that the car in question was stolen and stripped less than four months later. No refunds!

I'm rarely a shutterbug, but I did happen to catch a couple of shots of Bureaucrats hanging their art.Here is Captain Ed Trumbule adjusting what I believe to be Scott Faulkner's  halloween artwork, with minicomics maven Breanne Bolland supervising.

And panning to the left we see Breanne, Billis Helg and fellow Dutchman Tom Van Deusen, both of Intruder fame, flanked by the fabulous raconteur and artist Tom Dougherty.

I think this might have been the day I yelled at Tom, but I will chose to remember the party a rollicking success.


Last year, was it? 2011? 2010? Well anyway, Cafe Racer, host to most Bureau of Drawers activities over the years, hosted an art show wherein participants were invited to pay homage to art pieces collected in the Racer's own "Official Bad Art Museum of Art" (
Inspired by what appears to be a grade-school history assignment in the O.B.A.M.A. room, I drew a portrait of Marco Polo.
      The water-soluable pastels I used gave the colors a "children's bible stories" vibe, so I framed it in gold. I thought it looked a bit like Jim Woodring in the nose area, but apparently it more closely resembled the lustrous beard of Ben, Cafe Racer's longtime bartender. Thusly it was purchased for him and now hangs in his bathroom, watching him pee. (His words, not mine.) It's very exciting to have someone enjoy something I did well enough to let it watch them do their private things. Maybe "exciting" isn't the best term...

Up at the Racer with a "Sold" sticker on.

Ben and Marco, best friends.

One afternoon I got to see it in his home! Thanks for the tour of your bathroom, Ben. Very cool. And very tidy! Man runs a tight ship!

Encouraging as hell

Sometimes people send me lovely pictures of my drawings on their walls. Here are some of my sketches from the Bureau of Drawers last art-in-action live drawing event at Urbanlight Studios on the walls of the thoroughly decent Matt Moses of Hic and Hoc publishing (, top, and dear Marc Palm ( from the Bureau and founder of INTRUDER comics newspaper.

 My drawing's the pink one to the left of his eyeball. It's of Gooey Gus from that one episode of Ghostwriter, the PBS horror/fantasy kids show from the early '90s? No? No one? Well, it was horrifying. Pictured with him is Kirsten, who I only met recently, and is a delight. This image is stolen--STOLEN--off his facebook.

Christmas 2010

Two years ago at christmas I was broker than ever, so I made all my gifts by hand. The two here were for my grandparents.

The bowl is made of the vinyl they sell in the grocery story so your mugs don't slide out of the cupboard, cut into a little sunshine shape and sewn up the sides. I painted the inside with acrylic paint for drama and contrast. I think she kept her keys in it for a while.

The bookmark I embroidered to look like a slide rule, as gramps (RIP) was a Boeing engineer. He helped build the lunar rover! I spent so long on this that I put off the gift for my out-of-town cousin, and still owe him something totally awesome. I'm bad at christmas.

Birthdays 2010

Oh god, this is REALLY old. Four birthday cards for my co-workers at the paper. Bev as a beach bunny, Sherman as a groovy guy, Victoria as a hammer-wielder, and my then boss Ross. This is an illustration of a story from his youth.
Sharpies and highlighters for the workplace win!

Howard House

Waaaaay back in aught-nine the Friends of the Nib had an art show at the sadly now-defunct Howard House art gallery in Seattle. The premise of the show was to create many wonderful small drawings and tack them directly on the walls. It was positively stupendous. Unfortunately, I didn't take any goddamn pictures, because I'm a moron. My grandmother bought two of my drawings and they're now on display in her bathroom. These are all that survive.


23 skiddoo!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Racer Valentines 2011/ Lovesick at Fantagraphics

In 2011 The Bureau of Drawers had our annual Valentine's Day show at the Cafe Racer.
Here are the pieces I had in, and I apologize for the poor picture quality. in the year since I HAVE figured out the white balance settings on my camera.

"Things I Do Alone Anyway," Drawn in delayed response to a breakup.  If I make a book I'll replace the last panel with "use photobooths." I don't find any of these things sad to do alone, but sometimes people make fun of me, especially about the movies and restaurants. I saw a clip from a news broadcast from cable of a segment where they offered advice to lady travelers on how to manage eating alone in a restaurant. WTF ladies, eat your food and have a good time. My aunt says she's experienced similar things where a friend of her roommate laid into the roommate for allowing my aunt to go to the movies by herself. This is a holdover from the hundreds of years where women were chaperoned everywhere. I live in 21st century America. Gals gotta tolerate independence themselves or else how is anyone else supposed to?

"I <3 Tom Bergeron." Lettering with glitter. Tom Bergeron is my celebrity crush. He is just so laid-back, warm, and professional. Best Host Ever.

A little three-fer called "I Prefer Fluent Guys." It's the little things.

At almost precisely the same time last year, we had an art show at Fantagraphics, which was amazing. Due to the double-show we had a little mix-up and I had to put an older (I have a crush on very boy) piece in the Fantagraphics Show because my newest one had ended up at the Racer. Which was just as well.
Here is the only photo I can find of "Lovesick" By the Bureau of Drawers at Fantagraphics. It was quite a party. Photo by Bureaucrat Tyler Hill, used without permission, though I will ask him if it's ok.

 I am in the left bottom corner, talking to my friend Nick Kuffel.
Also pictured are Tom Dougherty, Mark Stockbridge, and unobscured art by Nikki Burch, Marc Palm, Adam Watson, and David Lasky.

Worst Blogger ever

Who is the worst blogger ever? It's me!
I could make an excuse about having three jobs and being too busy all the time when the truth is I have no excuse for being bad at blogging when I'm SO good at facebook, so I'll just apologize for these six months of radio silence.

I currently have pneumonia (drugs are helping), and during my convalescence at my folks', I guess I might as well catch up on this here blog thing. I'll try to stay in near chronological order. And be better at blogs.