Thursday, December 30, 2010

Caffeinated crow

For a logo for an advertising contest project at work.

Beyond cheesy.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Animals, two of them

A banjo pig for Banjo Pigs the blog!!

And an owl, a second rendition of something I did a long time ago for a club art show. A friend bought it but never received it--I have redrawn it for her to finally keep.

Ethan, Bench King of Maine

My friend Ethan visited me from Maine this summer, and when we went to restaurant, he always requested a booth. We should all encourage him to move to Seattle as soon as possible, if only for the abundance of coffee roasters and uptight girls.
I redrew this about a dozen times, and finally it kind of might actually look like him. I can hardly see him from here, even if I squint. Maine's so very far away.

I also drew a fancy lady to make Portland somehow more hospitable (move here!). Probably NSFW.

The Maxims of George Washington

For my club comic anthology project  COMBO #1 (a cornucopia of delightful minicomics), I made a small booklet of custom lettering. Though socially inept and often downright brassy, I remain very interested in fairness and civility, so chose to illustrate 6 of what are referred to as George Washington's Maxims. I'm pretty sure he didn't write them, but they are all very relevant and applicable to life today, if you can get over the stuffy language.