Tuesday, November 16, 2010

When I lived in the wall...

The last house I lived in before this apartment was an adorable little 1940 cottage on a hill. The room I rented was once a child's room, was painted fire-engine red (small wonder they'd been a few months without a renter), and had a five-foot by five-foot by three-foot cubbyhole located about 4 feet up one of the walls. I moved my bedroll in there and spent the better part of a year entertaining in my bower and screwing up my back sleeping on my side. I'm a wee person, so I had more than enough room sleeping diagonally.

The red paint job continued inside, where there was an outlet and nice carpet, so I named this the "Clot Slot". My brother's title for it was even less tasteful. I received a lot of ribbing for apparently living like a borrower, and so would like to distract you with tales of other women who live in closets. I'm sure there is a fetish site on this topic, but the discussion here is offered only as a novelty.

This is my dear friend Hillary, who later became my actual roommate. She lived in her friend's walk-in in a Pioneer Square loft for several months before they were forced to move due to renovations to the building. Hillary is a talented artist and costumer, and now lives in the desert.

My bro J, before she moved to "Seattle's Skateboard", by which I mean Portland, Oregon, occupied her pal Michael's Capitol Hill hall closet. J is also short enough to fit diagonally in a space most would find silly. J now lives in a big-boy house and digs holes and makes art that can only be described as astounding.

Are you a lady and live or just sleep in an absurdly small space? You can be in my ZINE if you write in.

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