Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Reefer Madness sets

Sometimes, when I decided that I must do nothing I need to do, I help out the local theatre. I usually just do posters for these cats, but for Reefer Madness (which was really really good, and you missed it), I got my stink all over the props and set pieces, too.

First, here are three of four flats for the number "Jimmy, where are you?". The fourth is considered "quaintly racist" and is not pictured. Modeled by my brother Alex.

During the same number, a character goes to the train station to hop a train to "parts unknown." I put the letters on this here sign.
Aaaannnd the concomitant "closed" sign.

I also sold concessions for the entire run and painted the Narrator (Russ Kay) as a Goat God before every performance. This is the only photo of that fondly remembered thrice-weekly ritual. Eventually he gilded his areolas himself, for expedition and to keep certain people from giggling too much during mic check.

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