Thursday, November 25, 2010

Why I never get a second date.

Auto-bio comic, about why I drink coffee when out on first dates.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Saddest story ever

I work at a newspaper, and I drew this for a column featuring a quaint and folksy account of the turkey the publishers' father brought home during the Great Depression. They tried to fatten it up for Thanksgiving, it died well before. Earlier this year we ran two separate columns with large color photographs asking readers to identify the species of a dead bird found lying on the ground. Seems to be a theme.
There were a couple less-depressing drawings presented, this is the one that will see print. Hooray!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Monster art

Art for the annual Halloween "Monster" show at Cafe Racer. You missed it. It was awesome.
You should follow my club blog and stay up-to-date on our goings-on.

This one, "egg-face is full of cobras", has been sold to club-mate Garrian, who is very nice.
One day I shall make a comic book about Egg-face.

The theme was "mosnters", but the closest thing i could really come up with was my inner turmoil personified. This is "I'm my own worst enemy" and I will sell it to you if you want to own it.

And, of course, my anxiety personified. "Succumb" can also be yours for a small fee.

I'm awesome, surely, but I need to learn to frame things properly.

Household objects--some more projects

Fixing my belongings helps me avoid throwing them out.
Here, while putting off real priorities, I made the function of this weird piece of wood very explicit with some very nice non-flammable paint.

Over the last two months I have steadily worked through my mending pile, some of which has sat waiting for almost three years.

And finally, when I decided to do something really crazy, I stole this sweater and then repaired every single moth-hole by hand. If you want to be sorry you stole something you should spend the entirety of a Jeeves and Wooster DVD box set hand-darning the thing. Phew! 

If the fellow this belongs to still wants it, even in its altered state, he is welcome to it.

Three "auto-bio" comics and one ugly one.

I made some attempt at "autobio" comics for Marc Palm's stint editing "Nib-Lit", some kind of online funnypages. They are about how my father embarrasses me and how I embarrass my brother.

It really doesn't surprise me that the only one he used was my non-autobio (I SWEAR) jack-off joke comic. BOYS. I TELLS YA.
Hit the cut to see it though, as I am slightly embarrassed. By my own hand.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

On a jolly holiday minicomic

Here's the comic I made for Stumptown comics fest in April! It's ok. It's the first actual comic I've made in several years, so I will accept it. If you'd like a printed booklet I can send you one.

See after cut for the other seven pages.
Please be warned there is exceedingly foul language featured.

Introducing Kishta

Here's the portrait comic I made in April-or-so.

Oh! Oh my god! Did I tell you?
An artist I knew from the internet, I used to draw her all kinds of fanart and sent her comics and stuff, when I was a teen-ager and cool??!! She drew my character! Just because! Zomg if this isn't bracingly encouraging nothing is.
Adele Lorienne did a bang-up job and I can't quite gush enough.

Lettering of love. Weird, obsessive love.

Here's some valentines and christmas lettering from, let's say, 2008? AAAAGES ago. Still very proud of it.
A christmas card:
Art for a club valentine's art show, still for sale, if you want to write me about it. It's framed nicely.
Another of the same, this one was sold to a stranger at another art show. I hope they like it.

Beer-bong belle

Matt Lewis, frontman for the band "White Trash Whiplash" asked me to create this tasteful and elegant graphic for some promotional T-Shirts. I hope to see them perform soon, but it is usually done in Ballard and I live so very far away by bus.

Posters! Zombie Elvis Madness!

I make posters! For the Burien Little Theatre!
You've missed "Reefer Madness" and "Zombie", I'm sorry, they were fantastic, I'll be sure to try to tell you more promptly next time.
"Martha, Josie, and the Chinese Elvis" features some of my favorite performers, has a very famous director, and a beautiful set featuring wallpaper that I helped paint. It opens in a week! Do you want to go see it with me?

Reefer Madness sets

Sometimes, when I decided that I must do nothing I need to do, I help out the local theatre. I usually just do posters for these cats, but for Reefer Madness (which was really really good, and you missed it), I got my stink all over the props and set pieces, too.

First, here are three of four flats for the number "Jimmy, where are you?". The fourth is considered "quaintly racist" and is not pictured. Modeled by my brother Alex.

During the same number, a character goes to the train station to hop a train to "parts unknown." I put the letters on this here sign.
Aaaannnd the concomitant "closed" sign.

I also sold concessions for the entire run and painted the Narrator (Russ Kay) as a Goat God before every performance. This is the only photo of that fondly remembered thrice-weekly ritual. Eventually he gilded his areolas himself, for expedition and to keep certain people from giggling too much during mic check.

Decorated matchboxes

A few years ago I tried to make Christmas gifts for the important people in my life, and it ended up getting a bit out of control, as I haven't even met half the people named in this image. I'm not sure some of these folks ever actually received their matchboxes, but I had a lot of fun making them. My actual family received nothing that year.
Edit: Yeah I still have 5 of these that never made to to their person. Dang.

When I lived in the wall...

The last house I lived in before this apartment was an adorable little 1940 cottage on a hill. The room I rented was once a child's room, was painted fire-engine red (small wonder they'd been a few months without a renter), and had a five-foot by five-foot by three-foot cubbyhole located about 4 feet up one of the walls. I moved my bedroll in there and spent the better part of a year entertaining in my bower and screwing up my back sleeping on my side. I'm a wee person, so I had more than enough room sleeping diagonally.

The red paint job continued inside, where there was an outlet and nice carpet, so I named this the "Clot Slot". My brother's title for it was even less tasteful. I received a lot of ribbing for apparently living like a borrower, and so would like to distract you with tales of other women who live in closets. I'm sure there is a fetish site on this topic, but the discussion here is offered only as a novelty.

This is my dear friend Hillary, who later became my actual roommate. She lived in her friend's walk-in in a Pioneer Square loft for several months before they were forced to move due to renovations to the building. Hillary is a talented artist and costumer, and now lives in the desert.

My bro J, before she moved to "Seattle's Skateboard", by which I mean Portland, Oregon, occupied her pal Michael's Capitol Hill hall closet. J is also short enough to fit diagonally in a space most would find silly. J now lives in a big-boy house and digs holes and makes art that can only be described as astounding.

Are you a lady and live or just sleep in an absurdly small space? You can be in my ZINE if you write in.