Monday, August 30, 2010

2005 teen mural

In 2005 I painted a thing in the Burien Parks and Recreation teen room, with the help of a very nice Americorps volunteer named Jen. When they moved the teen room to the other end of the building they moved the mural (which was painted on panels) as well, where it stayed for a couple years. Now that they've moved the whole Parks and Rec down the block, the room belongs to the theatre, and they needed the wall space, so our beautiful mural is up for grabs. If you need a little color that's about 3x5 give a holler.

My favorite part is the walking ear-chair. And party cat.

This panoramic vista is pretty trippy if you try to get some kind of story out of it--that's what happens when you ask a dozen teens what they think we should include in their mural. AWESOME HAPPENS.

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