Monday, April 12, 2010

New comic, pals

Sneak peek! Whoa!

This hefty tome weighs in at two entire pages. Shall be distributed as a dink in the lavishly illustrated 8-page masterpeice I'll have ready by Stumptown Comics Fest (April 23-24, Portland, FYI). Or available free to interested parties.
That's what I did today. Ergonomically-incorrectly photoshop scribbling suicidally depressed space elves. Just another thrilling day here at Teapot HQ. 
But hey it's pretty fun to make a comic, looks like I only have one every April or so. Enjoy the next full year!
Just for shits here's last year's model:

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A pat on the back

Why focus on all the things I still have to do when I could just congratulate myself on the things I HAVE done? Failing a long memory, I'll start now and celebrate each small accomplishment into the future. Daily, if possible. And even if I have to make them up, like my degree from the University of Montana in Business Management. (I hope my boss doesn't read this. Or resumes.)

Note: Blog may also include Mash Notes, Goings-On, and Gripes.

First! Hangers! Only a small part of a well-appointed closet (and vacant boudoir floor).