Wednesday, December 30, 2015

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Saturday, June 30, 2012


Early this year, in February, the Burien Little Theatre put on the show to end all---well, we're heading for the 32nd season or something, but this was definitely a big deal of a show. The Who's TOMMY was AMAZING.

They built the stage out 30 feet, and we painted it to look like the Bally "Pinball Wizard" game. As I was painting I realized I probably could have simplified it a little, but it was too late by then and there was only to finish. 

 Many people helped, without whom it would not have been done: Maggie, Eric, the Kays, sweet Janette Nuss, and my brother and second cousin Sarah among them.

The play itself was a rousing saga of trauma, repression, and rebirth, and with a cast of professionals and fantastic singers, the soaring rock anthems stirred my very soul. All of them were uniformly congenial and warm, and I hope to have them back very soon.  

Please read on to see ALL THE PICTURES.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wedding Announcement

Not mine! A lady's and her fellow's!
I don't do a lot of these, but I think this one came out all right. All the the things they like!

Sculpture concept art!

My friend Sarah Shay (of The Mongrel Jews musical fame) has a dad, as many do, and he wanted to get things done over in Bellevue, particularly where things pertain to refurbishing a nearly-forgotten WWI monument in the middle of a city park. So, he commissioned me to draw some concept art for his presentation to the city council, and here they are:

There's Mr. Shay now, indicating how tall the sculpture should be drawn.

A comprehensive shot of the proposed brick skirt.

A proposed enamel coating on the bronze sculpture.

And posterior views with an optional memorial wreath surrounding the flagpole remnant.

I am very proud to say that initial plans for Bob's project were approved at his presentation! A fine client and friend's dad.

Bakery beverages sign

Here's a sign I made aaages ago for the Danish Bakery right before they closed. I will make a post about the bakery soon enough.

I miss the bakery food so, so much. Oh god. Seven years will make you believe, baby. Oh, Marzipan, oh, walnuts. Oh, oh.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Short Run

In October last year, Bureaucrat Jenny Gialenes co-organized a small-press/zine/minicomics exposition called SHORT RUN. I represented the Bureau of Drawers at the table provided by Jenny, and let me tell you, that show was the single most lucrative, exhilarating trade show in all my seven or so years of tabling. The curation and marketing were pitch-perfect, and we were able to sell out of our last anthology, "Bloor." I cannot wait until the next one, and I hope this becomes a Seattle tradition.

This picture was stolen off of flickr, I do not remember who took it, but I will pay them if they own up, because I think I look like a badass in it and that's worth good money.

Halloween Show

Halloween show at the Cafe Racer, 2011!
I had all these certificate frames, so I made so spooky certificates.

The sad part about this one is that the car in question was stolen and stripped less than four months later. No refunds!

I'm rarely a shutterbug, but I did happen to catch a couple of shots of Bureaucrats hanging their art.Here is Captain Ed Trumbule adjusting what I believe to be Scott Faulkner's  halloween artwork, with minicomics maven Breanne Bolland supervising.

And panning to the left we see Breanne, Billis Helg and fellow Dutchman Tom Van Deusen, both of Intruder fame, flanked by the fabulous raconteur and artist Tom Dougherty.

I think this might have been the day I yelled at Tom, but I will chose to remember the party a rollicking success.